Video viewing is on the rise, with the Cisco Video Networking Index in 2022 forecasting a fourfold growth in the last five years since 2017, making video the primary marketing format for years to come. Music industry insider Tim Gerst, CEO of Thinkswell and cofounder of Solo Music, believes video will be the primary marketing format for years to come. Gerst suggests three key keys for effective video marketing content:

  1. Create video content that captures a defined emotion, as video has the power to create an instant rush of emotions.
  2. Generate unique, eye-catching video content that hooks attention immediately, even on a budget. Social media platforms prioritize video content, and consumers spend most of their time with it.
  3. Understand that video content must be less promotional and more entertaining, with each video needing a hook to grab viewers.
  4. Be consistent when creating video content, keeping colors, fonts, and graphics uniform across all video content. Consistency is critical to successful marketing through video, and marketers should focus on unique, creative ideas that incorporate a brand’s key messaging.

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