Concept & Strategy

Building a brand starts with knowing it.

We've worked with clients across industries.

One thing we've learned: There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan.

“Seeds of creativity bring a cultivation of growth.”
— Evan Schmidt, Founder
(who knows nothing about farming)

Inception to Execution: The Process

In the early stages, we take the time to learn your brand.  Each client is different.

Knowing this, before we can truly improve your business, we've got a lot to learn. We find out what makes you unique, your position in the market, what works and what doesn't. Ultimately, this knowledge gives you a better return on your investment.

Although many clients approach us with specific production tasks already in mind, a glance across all marketing channels available may reveal an opportunity for a client's ultimate goal. As we better understand your business, its goals and needs, we work with you to chart a roadmap to success.

Discuss and understand

Discuss and understand your business objectives, brand values, and target audience.


Conduct research on your business niche and competitors. It’s a simple way to spot opportunities. Additionally, a thorough glance at market trends and related consumer behavior can inform the strategy in its early stages.

Develop a marketing strategy

Using the research and analysis, determine the objectives of the campaign. Develop concise, key messages. Choose which distribution platforms and channels will be most appropriate, whether it’s paid digital advertising or a more organic approach to social media.

Brainstorm creative ideas

Brainstorm creative ideas for the campaign that fit the your brand values, as well as our research and strategy plan. Choose creative mediums to convey the message — for instance, the types of videos to be produced or the appropriateness of an email newsletter campaign. What type of social media posts will be routinely created? How might the website be developed and integrated with other content in a way that fits the target audience and the client’s brand?

Coordinate with you and your team

Schedule and plan for consistent content production and communicate the campaign’s purpose and message throughout the team.

Monitor analytics

Measure the effectiveness. Use the insights to continually re-optimize the campaign as a progresses using real-time data.