Looking to get new clients as a real estate broker? There's never been a better time to use the full potential of video to reach out to potential clients.

Here's why.

1.  In the real estate industry, videos are synonymous with professionalism.

Established, professional realtors -- especially those representing luxury buyers and sellers -- use video to build their business.

These videos attract new clients by building a brand image that is cohesive. Next, real estate professionals use videos to reach thousands of people, targeting clients based on a profile - interests, age, and location.

The sky is limit for content of these videos. Commonly, successful videos introduce an agent’s background, listings, and communities -- establishing the agent as an expert.

Yes, reaching prospects using video is an investment. But it’s an investment that is surprisingly affordable and pays off over time.

In client Willy Fanning's "Welcome to Shipyard," the Hilton Head Island agent establishes himself as the expert of the ocean-access Shipyard community. The relaxed tone and pacing of this video reflects Shipyard's laid-back vibe

2.  Videos are a marketing investment that appreciates over time.

Newspaper and magazine ads rot away. A new issue gets released, and soon people stop reading the old one.

But videos reach new potential potential prospects and clients after weeks, months, or even years. When posted on YouTube, for instance, videos “snowball” views over time.

Often, videos’ audiences grow exponentially. Over time, your videos will appear more and more often because the platform trusts and understands your content.

3.  On social media, videos are shown more frequently than other media (text or photos). It’s about algorithms.

Marketers favor pre-produced video ahead of any other form of communication as the most successful type of content for marketing purposes.

Technically speaking, a video is far more likely to be displayed on social media feeds.

According to a Hubspot survey, video is favored among consumers as the type of content they prefer the most.
That same survey also found that linking to a video in an email boosts clickthrough rates by 65%.
Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.
According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.
With all of these statistics being the case, only a small percentage of real estate agents use video to advance their business. Simply put, there is a huge advantage for the those who realize the opportunity and take advantage of it.

Our video for 60 Bulkley in Aspen, CO gives an overview of a multi-million dollar property in under two minutes

4.  Videos sell a product in a way that no other means can, resulting in more sales and new clients.

Words only go so far when describing a property or service. Every agent under the sun drops the same buzzwords. They’re “professional experts” with “gorgeous, unique listings.”

Videos set an agent apart. Videos tell a story that connect holistically with a potential client.

A well-produced video has sounds and moving images that give the viewer positive feelings. A potential client or buyer looks for these feelings as a positive confirmation to work with you, whether they realize it or not.

A branded video associates these positive emotions with your business. Once this happens, your prospect is more interested in your services or listings.

Our video "Welcome to Sea Pines" by Charter One's Herman and Davis Properties gives viewers an overview of Hilton Head Island's landmark development.

5.  Videos bring new listings, and they’re perfect for “sealing the deal” on listing appointments.

Imagine sitting down with some potential sellers who aren’t quite ready to commit to your services.

You need to set yourself apart from all the other agents.

Now, open your laptop or phone. Show them the last video you had professionally produced for a luxury listing. The video is beautiful with sights and sounds of the property, drone videography and attention to detail. It received lots of hits in your target market before the property sold.

You say: “This is what I can do for you.”

Your chances are a lot better, aren’t they?

Our video for 6909 E Archer Pl, Denver, CO"presents a home in a way that stands out from the others in the neighborhood.

6.  Videos have unlimited sharing potential to reach the right people.

Our video "The Falls at Rochester Drive" sells a unique property offered in the mountains of Cashiers, N.C. Setting the scene with imagery of nature gets the viewer's attention.
Clients, especially those from out-of-town, love to receive videos from agents. It gives them another dimension of what you offer that they can’t feel over words and photos.

Want to get even more new clients? Once you’ve completed a video, you can easily target audiences (for instance, 60+ year-olds in Denver who enjoy golf) for a fraction of the cost of other means of advertising.

Additionally, as a Zillow- and Trulia-certified video company, our videos are embedded directly within listings. This also gives the listings a 14-day boost in search results.

Our video "The Falls at Rochester Drive" sells a unique property offered in the mountains of Cashiers, N.C. Setting the scene with imagery of nature gets the viewer's attention.

Let us help you set yourself apart.

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