Video is driving the ongoing change in social media. When it comes to social media content, videos continue to outperform pictures, polls, contests, links, and coupons over the last few years.

Even so, a lot of small businesses fail to recognize the benefits of using video in their social media marketing campaigns. If that describes your business, there's a strong risk you're lagging behind your rivals at worst and missing out on some major advantages at best.

Check out these figures (from Sprout Social's report) that highlight how crucial it is to incorporate video content into your social media strategy:

  • Video, according to more than 54% of marketers, is the most useful content for achieving social media marketing goals.
  • Social media videos have helped 93% of firms get new clients.
    About half of social media users say that videos are their preferred content type.
  • In 2022, 66% of consumers—up from 50% in 2020—believe that short-form videos are the most engaging kind of social media content.
  • If a social media video lasts fewer than 60 seconds, 58% of viewers will watch it through to the end.
    62% of Facebook users say that watching a product-related social media video piqued their curiosity more.
  • 73% of companies said that creating video content for Instagram helps them attract new clients.