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The Importance of Video Marketing: The Statistics

Video is driving the ongoing change in social media. When it comes to social media content, videos continue to outperform pictures, polls, contests, links, and coupons over the last few years. Even so, a lot of small businesses fail to recognize the benefits of using video in their social media […]

Forbes: Video Must Be Your Go-To Strategy

Video viewing is on the rise, with the Cisco Video Networking Index in 2022 forecasting a fourfold growth in the last five years since 2017, making video the primary marketing format for years to come. Music industry insider Tim Gerst, CEO of Thinkswell and cofounder of Solo Music, believes video […]

Six Reasons Why Video Gives Realtors an Advantage

Looking to get new clients as a real estate broker? There’s never been a better time to use the full potential of video to reach out to potential clients. Here’s why. 1.  In the real estate industry, videos are synonymous with professionalism. Established, professional realtors — especially those representing luxury […]

12 Must-Dos to Create A Real Estate Listing Video That Gets Results

According to Mashable, 73 percent of buyers prefer to hire a listing agent who uses online videos. And Foster Marketing has determined that using videos to sell real estate results in a 300% increase in click-throughs. Here’s tips on how to create your next successful listing video campaign. 1.  Know […]

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